Freelab 2003 – 1/3 Scale, St. Benedict’s Chapel

Freelab 2003 – 1/3 Scale, St. Benedict’s Chapel Original by: Peter Zumthor Student of the Dalhousie University School of Architecture: [Omar Gandhi, Julian Carnrite, Brian Hanley, Kevin Reid, Amelia Hollinghurst, Jason Minard, Jerome Cormier] Photography by Omar Gandhi Introduction: Peter Zumthor’s St. Benedict Chapel uses innovative wood-frame construction to achieve a simple yet unusual form […]

Boys Scouts of Canada – Treehouse

Boys Scouts of Canada – Treehouse A collaboration with fellow classmates Mark Anson and Scott MacNeil – Dalhousie University.

Butterfly Vivarium

Butterfly Vivarium B6 – Dalhousie University. Professor Catherine Venart    

Texpark – Artisan Residence

Texpark – Artisan Residence M1 Design Studio – Dalhousie University Professor: John Crace The Texpark complex was designed to consolidate the artistic energy of the city, as well as extending the artistic and pedestrian energy on Granville road. By creating a second node of activity on Granville’s south end, the urban design strategy suggested would […]

Dream Pavilion

Dream Pavilion Professor: Christine Macy [Omar Gandhi, Chris Lee, Stephanie Lam, Kevin Reid, Jeff Skinner, Kelli Davis-Skinner] “The house shelters daydreaming, the house protects the daydreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace. … The values that belong to daydreaming mark humanity in its depths.” – Gaston Bachelard The daydreaming pavilion is a ephemeral […]

Spine House: Living Smart – Portland Narrow Lot Housing Competition

Spine House: Living Smart – Portland Narrow Lot Housing Competition Design Excellence Winners Size: 1400 sq.ft 2004 Design: Omar Gandhi, Julian Carnrite As the name implies, the “Spine House” is based on a continuous path that traverses the entire length of the site. The path connects the site and provides an anchor for program. Within […]


OG – ON SITE Beauty is in the making! This is a no-sexy-magazine-image site. The reason that I have created this blog is to show the process and beauty of construction – something that I am not physically a part of but witness and assist with. It’s an unfathomable reality – my career – thinking of […]

Give a Little – Erin Costelo

Give a Little – Erin Costelo A Singer-Songwriter, an Architect, a Jeweler, a Fashion Boutique and a Director are coming together to create a music video that depicts a party like no other.  Imagine the coolest beat-nik party in the most amazing house with the most incredible fashion and jewelry, all backed by one amazing […]


Adaptation Our projects begin with a simple local precedent, often a hip roof or gable form. The form is then extruded up or across, bent or flattened, the roof planes folded and pleated. Sculpted by conditions and use, the reconstituted adaptation is receptive and responsive in its keeping with a modest, formal lineage.  


Models Working and finished models are an essential aspect of our practice. They are a first glance at what will come, and a way to iron out our concepts. A refined physical model, both accurate and well crafted, sets a standard in precision in which we hold all of our work to. Project Models Briody […]