Give a Little – Erin Costelo

A Singer-Songwriter, an Architect, a Jeweler, a Fashion Boutique and a Director are coming together to create a music video that depicts a party like no other.  Imagine the coolest beat-nik party in the most amazing house with the most incredible fashion and jewelry, all backed by one amazing song: Give A Little, by Erin Costelo.


Erin Costelo – Give a Little

Give a Little – Pledge Pitch

ERIN COSTELO – songwriter
Singer/songwriter Erin Costelo has written and produced an album that has critics saying “…she has somehow managed to come up with numbers you’d swear were by your heroes…”

OMAR GANDHI – Architect of house –
This young architect turning more heads in his first years of designing than most architects would in a lifetime. The location for the video: “Shantih” in Hunts Point, Nova Scotia, is a superb example of contemporary architecture that sits overlooking the Atlantic ocean.

TORI XO – jewelry
Australian Tori Poynton travels the world to find inspiration for her creations. Anything from the Iguazu Falls to lupins in Nova Scotia. This jeweler is soon to be a world-wide name.

J&R GRIMSMO – clothing and styling
J&R Grimsmo is a ladies boutique, offering fresh professional, cool relaxed, hint of nostalgic style clothing and accessories. Jessy and Rachael are former wardrobe and style specialists for film and television.

SCOTT SIMPSON – director –
Award-winning film and television director/producer who always has the story at heart and the beauty of life in his lens. With a feature film, several documentary television shows, short films and music videos under his belt, he is one of the most prolific filmmakers in his region.