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Peggys Cove Road Cottage


The challenge of the McLernon/Ranger building project is to transform a derelict turn of the century out-building into a marketable guest house. It is imperative that the guest house makes use of its extraordinary site and potential views. The guest house will serve as a means for providing alternate income as well as habitable space for guests (family, friends, etc.) The foundation and ground floor framing of the guest house will be reused and a new second floor and roof will be added. The design challenge will be to enhance the guests’ experience from inside the house by providing an alternate view axis, one which points toward the open water, 15 degrees west.

Peggy's Cove Road Cottage - 6_bw

Side View

PEGGYS COVE ROAD COTTAGE - Architectural Model -1_bw - Bird's Eye View

Bird's Eye View

Peggy's Cove Road Cottage - 6_bw - Front View

Front view

CLIENT: Dr. Lynn McLernon and Jason Ranger

LOCATION: Peggy’s Cove Road (Nova Scotia)


NOVA SCOTIA CONTRACTOR: Bonterra Construction (Buster Boudreau)

DRAWINGS/COLLABORATOR: 360 CAD Services (David Chaisson)


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