21 Nov

St. Rose Residence Omar Gandhi Architect

St. Rose Residence

November 21, 2013

St. Rose Residence PROJECT CREDITS LOCATION: Saint Rose, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia PROJECT STATUS: Complete,Winter 2016 DESIGN: Omar Gandhi, Peter Braithwaite, Hayley Johnson STRUCTURAL: Joe Janega Engineering RENDERINGS: Peter Braithwaite  

21 Nov

Mabou Residence

November 21, 2013

PROJECT CREDITS LOCATION: Mabou, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia PROJECT STATUS: On Hold CLIENTS: Undisclosed DESIGN: Omar Gandhi, Peter Braithwaite, Hayley Johnson, David Greenwell NOVA SCOTIA CONTRACTOR: TBD STRUCTURAL: Andrea Doncaster PHYSICAL MODELS: Ozana Gherman (structural) Hayley Johnson (massing) RENDERINGS: Jeff Shaw

21 Nov

West End Halifax Addition

November 21, 2013

At the rear of our west end Halifax home existed a twenty year old addition designed to house the studio of a German potter. At the centre of this addition existed a kiln for firing clay. The wood stud exterior walls were filled with masonry, designed to retain heat radiated from the constantly burning kiln. […]

21 Nov

Broad Cove Banks Omar Gandhi Architect

Broad Cove Banks

November 21, 2013

Set in the Cape Breton landscape overlooking the sea, the Broad Cove Banks is sited on a long, narrow property open to the elements. Formally the large, steep pitch, gable roof shelters the home from the harsh elements of the island. Conceptually, the cottage is based on the vernacular gable, the form generated from a […]

21 Jul

Black Gables Omar Gandhi Architect

Black Gables

July 21, 2013

Black Gables are simply put, two modest sized gabled buildings, jet black, with a metal roof. The two buildings, one for primary living and the other for a studio and darkroom are located at skewed angles to one another so as to take advantage of the best views, exposure to appropriate daylighting and an overall […]

02 Feb

Sluice Point Omar Gandhi Architect

Sluice Point

February 2, 2013

Sluice Point is located on the southern tip of Nova Scotia, and is located in Argyle Municipality of Yarmouth County. Argyle Municipality is considered the oldest “still Acadian” region in Nova Scotia. Yarmouth County is composed of primarily Anglo-Scottish and Acadian French residents and is well known for its inland wilderness areas. The region became […]

03 Feb

Oxford Street Porches

February 3, 2011

This one needs very little explaining. The project consists of two new porches, one for the entry side and the other for the rear of the house. The rear porch is a fire stair. Gone wild. PROJECT CREDITS CLIENT: Undisclosed LOCATION: Oxford Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia PROJECT STATUS: Completed Spring 2012 DESIGN TEAM: Omar Gandhi, […]

03 Feb

2458 James Street

February 3, 2009

2458 James Street was purchased by contractor Mike Burns in the winter of 2011. The weathered north end Halifax residence was designed to house a ground floor wood shop facility and a second floor live/work space. The house was immediately gutted to the studs and was cleared to be two full floors of open concept […]