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Two Gables

Two Gables are set on the edge of the Nova Scotia landscape facing the open water. The project is comprised of two extremely modest cedar clad gabled buildings with exaggerated roof overhangs for shade (heat/glare) and water retention. The primary building is the setting for sleeping, eating, food preparation and good living, while the minor building is merely an overflow sleeping cabin for the retired couples’ grandchildren. The orientation of each individual building is the product of spending an immense amount of time on site with the clients and allowing “feeling” to dictate the “right” answer for location. This was done in contrast to typical formal siting strategies.



CLIENT: Undisclosed

LOCATION: Undisclosed


DESIGN TEAM: Omar Gandhi, Ryan Beecroft, Jeff Shaw

CONTRACTOR: Tunnels & Tenons Construction Ltd. (Deborah Herman-Spartinelli)

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