On the coast of rural Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, The Briody cabin is a single family summer getaway set in the rugged terrain of Inverness. The form is generated by the vertical transformation of the traditional gable, a way to get above the trees and view the landscape. Major and minor openings follow the path of the sun, its setting over the northumberland strait highlighted in the program. The project is the collaboration between the studios of Omar Gandhi Architect and Design Base 8 out of New York City.


LOCATION: Inverness, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
PROJECT STATUS: In Construction
CLIENT: Stephanie and Kevin Briody
DESIGN: Omar Gandhi Architect Inc. (Omar Gandhi, Peter Braithwaite, Peter Kolodziej, Maxwell Schnutgen, Elizabeth Powell) Design Base 8 (Jon Siani, Jon Wilson, Garrett Helm)
CONTRACTOR: MacGee MacFarlane
STRUCTURAL: Andrea Doncaster
PHYSICAL MODEL: Peter Braithwaite, Maxwell Schnutgen

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