Nestled along the dramatic shoreline of Cape Breton, the Cabot Links Villas are an invitation to a course, a land and a journey like no other.

From the outset, the team at Omar Gandhi Architect and Jill Greaves Design challenged themselves to create a distinctive aesthetic that’s as captivating as it is welcoming. The result is a serpentine arrangement of wood-clad villas that creates a threshold between the town of Inverness and the now famed Cabot Links golf course. Designed to reflect a simple elegance, each villa’s exterior is clad in finely crafted wooden slats, with a fully glazed façade that looks out toward the sea. To establish a natural sense of balance with its surroundings, each building follows the direction of the gently sloping landscape. The effect is subtle yet profound, creating an attractive and idyllic retreat from the everyday world.

Project Credits

Location: Inverness, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
Project Status: Completed Summer 2015
Clients: Cabot Links
Design: Omar Gandhi, Peter Braithwaite, David Greenwell, Hayley Johnson
Interior Design: Jill Greaves Design
Contractor: David Maclean
Structural: Joe Janega Engineering

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