Cedar in Three Textures is a story in part about a young couple and their commitment to a small town. The architectural project is intrinsically connected to the people who inhabit it and the context in which it is tied to.

Dr. Lynda Earle and her husband Dr. Andy Blackadar both grew up in small towns in Nova Scotia (though Lynda was born in Winnipeg). Both went to study medicine at Halifax’ Dalhousie University. They met during their time in school and eventually got married. After leaving to Ontario to complete their residencies in Family Medicine, they wanted to eventually go back to the place that they came from, start their own practices and have a family together.

They found opportunity in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, the setting of this story. Liverpool is about 90 minutes down the south shore from Halifax. Andy became the town doctor and Lynda went back to school in hopes of becoming a public health officer. They bought a century old house and had two kids. While most of their friends went off to the big cities, they decided that they were going to make a significant contribution to the kind of place they grew up.

Project Credits

Clients:Dr. Lynda Earle and Dr. Andy Blackadar
Location: Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada
Contractor: Trunnells and Tenons Construction Ltd. (Deborah Herman-Spartinelli)
Structural: Andrea Doncaster
Completed: Spring 2011
Area: 1000 sq.ft addition
Photography: Greg Richardson Photography

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