Sluice Point is located on the southern tip of Nova Scotia, and is located in Argyle Municipality of Yarmouth County. Argyle Municipality is considered the oldest “still Acadian” region in Nova Scotia. Yarmouth County is composed of primarily Anglo-Scottish and Acadian French residents and is well known for its inland wilderness areas. The region became well known as an international shipbuilding center. The proposed site is located on the forested high points of the region, adjacent to long low-lying views of marshland, small islands and the waters of the Tusket River off the Gulf of Maine.

The overall strategy consists of 5 buildings and a bridge. Initially there will be a garage house, a boathouse (shared), and separate houses for the families of Swiss seasonal occupants. Additionally, there will be a viewing platform built high above the water which overlooks the entire master plan and surrounding landscape. The master plan concept, as well at the design of each of its components, is based on the idea of connecting individual and unique buildings through views, materiality and construction methods. The uniqueness of each building is developed by pursuing the individual client needs, the specific local site conditions (elevation, views) and the processional experience of moving through the site towards the building.

The materiality, form and siting are all intrinsically connected to the local condition. The economical shed roof is inspired by local fishing sheds and shanties spread along the Nova Scotia coastline. The roof framing spans the exterior walls, making for the most economical and efficient roof form. The low-end of the roof faces towards the main road and public realm as a modest gesture, providing for a comfortable human scale at the narratives introduction.


LOCATION: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
DESIGN: Omar Gandhi, Jeff Shaw

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