Set in the Cape Breton landscape overlooking the sea, the Broad Cove Banks is sited on a long, narrow property open to the elements. Formally the large, steep pitch, gable roof shelters the home from the harsh elements of the island. Conceptually, the cottage is based on the vernacular gable, the form generated from a horizontal transformation across the open land, the slip of two gabled bars capped by a large vaulted  roof.


LOCATION: Inverness, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
CLIENTS: Susan Spencer and Ihor Macijiwsky
DESIGN: Omar Gandhi, Peter Braithwaite, David Greenwell, Maxwell Schnutgen
NOVA SCOTIA CONTRACTOR: Joseph ‘MacGee’ MacFarlane
STRUCTURAL: Andrea Doncaster
PHYSICAL MODEL: Maxwell Schnutgen, Peter Braithwaite
RENDERINGS: Peter Braithwaite


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