Founded in 2012, rchmnd is a multi-brand fashion concept store located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Aiming to break retail convention in both product offering and physical space, rchmnd curates a selection of established and emergent international designers, assembled in a harmonious yet provocative manner.
rchmnd occupies a ground floor storefront within the cobblestone pedestrian courtyard of the Historic Granville Block in downtown Halifax. During the design process, great emphasis was placed on both respecting and celebrating the historic building’s character – exaggerated, oversized mouldings, a feature temple-like door way – while introducing new elements of modern design – right angles, flexible furniture, stainless steel and a monochromatic palette.
rchmnd’s raison d’être extends much further than purely commerce. The small, diverse team behind the concept strives to foster a creative community, enabling new experiences – reinforced with a shared desire for modern exploration – rooted in fashion.

Project Credits

Design: Omar Gandhi Architect
(Omar Gandhi, Jeff Shaw, Karl Gruenewald, Kristi MacDonald)
Contractor: Streamline Construction
Photography: Julian Parkinson

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