Shantih is a refuge. She is composed of multiple contrasting and duelling identities. She is modest and elaborate, finely crafted and at times repetitive. She is big, loud and bright while also somber, eerily mysterious and pensive. Her two arms wrap around and hold onto the land sloping away from her towards the infinite sea.

Shantih is a small beach house located in Hunts Point, a small beach town in Queen’s County, Nova Scotia, an area known for its lush, natural landscapes. The clients, who make their primary home in the nearby city of Halifax, required that their new beach house engage this rich landscape, while maintaining a modest public façade toward the road. The natural grassy bowl in the middle of the property had long been a playground for their young grandchildren and so the cottage was required to celebrate the field in the foreground. The beach house would need to provide a quiet respite from the busy city life,offering multiple opportunities for passive interior/exterior connections, while also acting as a gathering venue for the clients’ ever-growing extended family.

Project Credits

Clients: Rosemary and Keith Hamilton
Location: Hunts Point, Nova Scotia
Project Status: Completed Summer 2012
Contractor: Trunnells & Tenons Construction Ltd. (Deborah Herman-Spartinelli)
Structural Engineer: Andrea Doncaster
Physical Model: Chad Jamieson, Omar Gandhi
Photography: Greg Richardson Photography

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