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  • 950-x-425-front-slide-cedar

    Residential Addition | Cedar in Three Textures

    Cedar in Three Textures is a story in part about a young couple and their commitment to a small town. The architectural project is intrinsically connected to the people who inhabit it and the context in which it is tied to.

  • GRPhoto_120813_7

    Shantih | Hunts Point, Nova Scotia

    Shantih is located in Hunts Point, Nova Scotia. The property is located on beach-lined coastline. Sustainable technologies include a ground source heat system.

  • Testimonials cover image Nov 2011


    Omar is imaginative and dynamic. He is easy and enjoyable to work with and receptive to our ideas. He has a great sensitivity to the environment and site.

  • GRPhoto_120822_15_edit

    Moore Studio

    Moore Studio is intended to be a vehicle for continuing youthful dreams. The new house was to be designed to be extremely raw, open spaces and lots of natural daylight. The aim of the new home would be to provide a platform for living in a quiet setting, free of the stress of the city and an environment for their dogs and artistic ambitions.

  • Two Gables

    Two Gables

    Two Gables are set on the edge of the Nova Scotia landscape facing the open water. The project is comprised of two extremely modest cedar clad gabled buildings with exaggerated roof overhangs for shade (heat/glare) and water retention. The primary building is the setting for sleeping, eating, food preparation and good living, while the minor [...]

  • Happy-Goat_Model_12

    Happy Goat

    The “Happy Goat” is a vacation spot for those wishing to sleep amidst the tall trees. The dozen or so “living” pods are located in natural openings in the dense Nova Scotia forest. One who chooses to stay at the Happy Goat chooses to live entangled within the wild nature of the site. Construction on [...]

  • 3-2

    Swiss Point

    Bringing the inside out and the outside in, this Swiss Point home allows its natural setting to complement its elegant, spacious, modern architecture.

  • oxford_street_1e

    Oxford Street Porches

    The renovation mission to provide access to the outdoors from the building’s side and rear entrances was exceeded with functionality, style and privacy porches.

  • Projects Diagrams. light.


    //Adaptation. Our projects begin with a simple local precedent, often a hip roof or gable form. The form is then extruded up or across, bent or flattened, the roof planes folded and pleated. Sculpted by conditions and use, the reconstituted adaptation is receptive and responsive in its keeping with a modest, formal lineage. //click on [...]

  • Briody-Cabin-Structural-model


    //Models. Working and finished models are an essential aspect of our practice. They are a first glance at what will come, and a way to iron out our concepts. A refined physical model, both accurate and well crafted, sets a standard in precision in which we hold all of our work to. //click on the [...]

  • Montage-2

    Spring 2014

    2014 is going to be an incredibly busy and fortunate year of construction for our small studio. We continue to remain busy in Cape Breton, arguably the most beautiful place in Canada. Other projects of ours are spread accross Nova Scotia, from Yarmouth, the South Shore and within the city limits of Halifax. Amongst the [...]

Featured Architecture