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    Black Gables

    Black Gables are simply put, two modest sized gabled buildings, jet black, with a seemingly paper thin roof. The two buildings, one for primary living and the other for a studio and darkroom are located at skewed angles to one another so as to take advantage of the best views, exposure to appropriate daylighting and [...]

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    Shantih | Hunts Point, Nova Scotia

    Shantih is located in Hunts Point, Nova Scotia. The property is located on beach-lined coastline. Sustainable technologies include a ground source heat system.

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    Moore Studio

    Moore Studio is intended to be a vehicle for continuing youthful dreams. The new house was to be designed to be extremely raw, open spaces and lots of natural daylight. The aim of the new home would be to provide a platform for living in a quiet setting, free of the stress of the city and an environment for their dogs and artistic ambitions.

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    Swiss Point

    Bringing the inside out and the outside in, this Swiss Point home allows its natural setting to complement its elegant, spacious, modern architecture.

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    Stereo Vision

          Set atop one of the highest sea-side plateaus in the Halifax area, the residence has clear views of both Point Pleasant Park and the open water. Formally, the home twists and turns towards the two critical views, providing unique views from within different zones of the home. The L-shaped scheme creates an [...]

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          Set amidst the unique and dramatic landscape of Halifax’s Purcell’s Cove “backlands”, the residence is inspired by the strewn jagged bedrock field of outcrop, subcrop and bedrock float. The formal massing of the home is one which was derived to look as though it had been a larger bedrock volume (outcrop) but [...]

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